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We are the Max Muscle Family. We have been a part of Max Muscle Franchise for over 20 years. When you walk into Max Muscle we don’t see a dollar sign we see a person. Everyone that comes in is unique and each customer is different. When you come in with a problem we are here to help you find a solution. I think we can relate to everybody. This isn’t just a job for us, this is a lifestyle. We live, breathe, eat, sleep fitness. We love to share the knowledge we learn and acquire overtime giving you the best insights. First thing I want to know is I want to know your goals and what you’re trying to achieve, then I want to help guide you to get there. We focus on you as a person, what your health and fitness goals are and what we need to do to help you get the results you’re looking for. Im Matt, Im Geff, Im Jordan, And Im Sarah, here at Max we carry a wide array of product selection and services in accordance to the customers desires and satisfactions, this is our priority. We are proud to be your one stop shop in an ever-so-changing industry and are constantly improving ourselves to be ahead of the curve. We see a person that needs help with their health and fitness goals. We see somebody that can potentially be a friend of ours. Thats what we do, we want to create a relationship with everyone that comes into our store so you will always feel comfortable coming back and seeing us. We love what we do and it shows. We are here to help people live better lives. We are Max Muscle


Geff Malone, Owner

Sarah Malone, Owner

Matt Malone, General Manager

Jordan Malone, General Manager

Robbie Cucco, Sales Representative

Mehdi Kabbadj, Sales Representative